Fast Web design in Santa Barbara

The idea of creating my business of web design came to mind when my wife and I were planning to move to Southern California. I started working on the website in early January. I had the idea of offering websites that are not only inexpensive to create, but also performant without the necessity to use expensive hosting services (like Kinsta or WPEngine that cost about $30 a month).

Affordable Web Design

The core of the idea was to create affordable websites using WordPress, with speed in mind. At Southswell Design, we aim for a loading time of 3 seconds on mobile and 1 second on desktop, as recommended by google. I also decided to provide some work Pro-Bono for local non-profits. As part of a new community, Santa Barbara, I believe it is a good way to give back.

Fully responsive Design

Super fast web design in Santa Barbara

We’re able to prove that the websites we build are actually fast. All our creations are cross – validated on many speed benchmarks, including Pingdom, GTmetrix, WebPagetest, and PageSpeed Insight. If you don’t trust me, feel free to try it yourself !

If you’re over a slow website and want to boost your SEO, contact me, my prices start as low as $499.

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